[Marxism] Socialist Voice: Why We Boycott Israel: A Reply to the US SWP

Ian Angus ecosocialism at gmail.com
Sat Aug 7 08:47:23 MDT 2010

Joaquín Bustelo <jbustelo <at> bellsouth.net> writes:
> And it is in that spirit that I, for one, welcome Ian Angus's critique 
> of the SWP position on the boycott and Israel, just as I welcome all 
> other demolitions of sect positions that aim to keep the faithful away 
> from the mainstream of the radical movement.

Thanks Joaquin, but I'm only the messenger. The article was written by Art 
Young, who was a leader of the SWP's Canadian affiliate for decades.

I sympathize with Lou's view that arguing with the SWP is seldom worth the 
effort. If you read Socialist Voice regularly, you'll know that we very rarely 
do so. While some of our editors are former supporters of that organization, we 
don't define ourselves as "not the SWP."

But speaking for myself (SV isn't an organization, democratic centralist or 
otherwise, so I can't speak for other editors) I think that this article 
warranted making an exception. In addition to documenting a fundamental 
abandonment of Marxist principles by a once-significant socialist group, the 
article uses that framework to provide a more rounded Marxist defense of BDS 
than I've seen anywhere else. I hope it will encourage socialists who haven't 
participated in that campaign to reconsider.

In any event, there is obviously interest in this subject. On the day it was 
posted, traffic on our site was more than triple its usual Friday level.


Ian Angus

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