[Marxism] evolutionary psychology and socialism?

Shane Hopkinson chen9692000 at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 8 06:01:39 MDT 2010


Not sure if you really get his point. You seem to ask the questions he's
addressing in the lecture.

His examples show that while the SAME (genetic) roses manifested differently
in different environments. So what 'gross behavioural tendencies' do these roses
demonstrate thats explains the results.

There are 2 reasons why leftists are suspucious of these arguments. One is
that we think they are not scientific at all - and that its bad science to explain
social outcomes by relation to the genes (for the reasons that Lewontin explains).

Also there is a LONG history of using these 'scientific' arguments to explain social
inequalities, its a powerful ideological  argument because it naturalises inequality. 
ie it was said that it was no-ones fault that other races or genders were 'inferior' and
there was no point in trying to change it. We may now reject (some of) these 
arguments but at the time there was plenty of 'scientific evidence' to 'explain' them.

In general Marxists want a politics guided by science but we don't want to separate
them since science is also guided by a politics which is often denied.




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