[Marxism] Netflix as creative destruction

Mehmet Bayram mbayram_y2k at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 8 14:05:26 MDT 2010

You wrote:
"But the atomization the working class is something that is quite scary in
the sort of long term perspective. It reinforces, IMO, alienation from ones
class in a large and profound way.


One more issue with the technical changes, especially through internet is the 
pricing tricks the enterprise can force upon us, furthering the atomization of 
the working class.

By gathering your information and your buying trends, internet (and now others 
as well) are able to impose different prices for different customers.  The 
common knowledge of the price of a commodity that is the same for everyone 
everywhere is eroded as "special pricing" is enforced more and more.  I see 
companies not showing the price of a commodity and declare "We can not advertise 
the price so low, so, add to your shopping basket to see the low, low price" 

They may be playing a convoluted game I am not aware of with the manufacturers, 
but this leads to people thinking they are special and so deserve and are 
getting a special price, better than everyone else.

Insurance companies, as well as airlines, are also using this.  They want 
everyone to believe that since they did not get a DUI in the last six months 
they are special to the insurance company, and hence will get a favored status.

This does atomize the buyers who no longer know how much anything costs for whom 

I am sure Netflix will too come up with more tricks later, like 25 cent film 
watching if you buy it at 3:00AM in the morning etc. for males over 18 and below 
65 if it is a Wednesday.

It was also interesting how they have sealed agreements with the film industry 
to monopolize the market.I am sure more monopolization issues will come about in 
the near future in the internet and technology field as this and other 
Varizon-Google type business deals are cut.


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