[Marxism] The Digital Surveillance State: Vast, Secret, and Dangerous

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Tue Aug 10 08:40:10 MDT 2010

By Glenn Greenwald

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In sum, the picture that emerges from the *Post* series is that we have a
Secret Government of 854,000 people, so vast and so secret that nobody knows
what it does or what it is. That there is a virtually complete
government/corporate merger when it comes to the National Security and
Surveillance State is indisputable: “Private firms have become so thoroughly
entwined with the government’s most sensitive activities that without them
important military and intelligence missions would have to cease or would be

As little oversight as Surveillance State officials have, corporate
officials engaged in these activities have even less. Relying upon
profit-driven industry for the intelligence community’s “core mission” is to
ensure that we have Endless War and an always-expanding Surveillance State.
After all, the very people providing us with the “intelligence” that we use
to make decisions are the ones who are duty-bound to keep this Endless War
and Surveillance Machine alive and expanding because, as the Post put it,
they are “obligated to shareholders rather than the public interest.” The
Surveillance State thus provides its own fuel and own rationale to ensure
its endless expansion, all while resisting any efforts to impose
transparency or accountability on it.

And as we acquiesce to more and more sacrifices of our privacy to the
omnipotent Surveillance State, it builds the wall of secrecy behind which it
operates higher and more impenetrable, which means it constantly knows more
about the actions of citizens, while citizens constantly know less about it.
We chirp endlessly about the Congress, the White House, the Supreme Court,
the Democrats and Republicans, but this is the Real U.S. Government: a
massive Surveillance State functioning in darkness, beyond elections and
parties, so secret, vast and powerful that it evades the control or
knowledge of any one person or even any organization.

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