[Marxism] Cockburn's refreshing take on the California judge's gay marriage ruling

David Thorstad binesi at gvtel.com
Tue Aug 10 12:28:12 MDT 2010

On 1:59 PM, Adam Richmond wrote:
> I find Stephanie Koontz's work on the subject much more refreshing than Counterpunch's.
> http://www.nytimes.com/2005/07/05/opinion/05coontz.html

Koontz's article traces well, if cursorily, the (Western) evolution of hetero marriage. It does not, however, address political or philosophical issues pertaining to the clamor by some (mostly white, middle-class) homosexuals to ape the hetero institution. On a bare/mere (and low) level of "equality" with a prevailing state-approved institution such as marriage, clearly same-sexers who wish to go that route face discrimination, and nobody should, based on their sexuality or sexual orientation. Ditto killing third world babies for Wall Street. But that doesn't mean the quest is desirable or radical, or even progressive.
	It is depressing to see leftists prescribe the issue of "equality" or "democratic rights" as the only proper focus, and, as Louis suggested, wait till those rights have been won and then, and only then, address what is wrong with the entire issue of gay marriage (or of homosexuals wanting to serve U.S. imperialism in the military). It is especially insulting coming from hetero leftists. Marriage is the wrong issue, for many very good reasons, and it reflects the entire gay/lesbian bourgeois agenda of accommodating the heterosexual dictatorship, a kind of plea for acceptance by the dominant society. Add to the many downsides of marriage the fact that it is being promoted as a way for couples to get special privileges, including money from the public trough, that are denied to singles (whose role is mostly to subsidize coupledom), and the marriage issue takes on a decidedly discriminatory aspect as well. The "equality" mantra is a kind of parodic surrender to identity politics and a transmission belt into assimilation into an unjust society. The marriage issue represents a conservative, conventional quest--romantic even, perhaps, until it sinks in what unpleasant complications, especially financial, can result. Instead of leftists encouraging free love and liberation of love, we now see them joining in a bourgeois advocacy of unnatural constraint, an institution based on monogamy (unnatural to mammals, especially males), all justified by "love." Alexandra Kollontai must be turning over in her grave.

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