[Marxism] Sartre trivialized

Tom Cod tomcod3 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 11 13:33:27 MDT 2010


I saw a documentary years ago about Sartre that talked about his life of
political activism and his embrace of Marxism.  Nothing about this here.  In
a similar vein, there was a review of a new bio of Whitman in a recent NYT
that focused entirely on his sex life with an obscure quotation about oral
sex prominently sidebarred.  The big issues of slavery, civil war, Lincoln
and his death, that Whitman wrapped his mind around were nowhere to be seen
in these displays of the snotty, discrete charm of the bourgoisie.  Then
again what do you expect from trendy trivial people who somehow manage to
become professors and experts on lit.  "Good Will Between the Common People
of All Nations" was a quotation that was the epigram of a book published by
Whitman shortly before his death that he would rather have  viewed as, and
which is, his legacy and that of his work.

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