[Marxism] book reviewer wanted on China/Africa connection

George Snedeker snedekerg at verizon.net
Wed Aug 11 17:31:35 MDT 2010

Socialism and Democracy is looking for someone to review a book called CHINESE AND AFRICAN  PERSPECTIVES ON CHINA IN AFRICA, Axel Harneit-SSievers Et Al Eds. 

This book is a collection of articles which provide research on the expanding role of China in Africa politically, economically, militarily and aid/investment over the last ten years. The book focuses primarily on the rapid expanding  role of China in Africa during the last ten years. It was published by a research center located in several African Countries. If anyone is interested in reviewing this book, please contact me at snedekerg at verizon.net

I am the Book Review Editor for Socialism and Democracy: www.sdonline.org

Please paste a review you have published into a message and send it to me. Please do not send attachments. 

George Snedeker

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