[Marxism] Pamphlet to download: Marta Harnecker's `Ideas for the Struggle'

glparramatta glparramatta at greenleft.org.au
Wed Aug 11 18:03:48 MDT 2010

This 12-part series of articles by *Marta Harnecker* (translated by 
*Federico Fuentes*) on ideas for how to organise for socialism in the 
21st century first appeared in /Links International Journal of Socialist 
Renewal/. It is now available download free as a pamphlet in PDF format.
Marta Harnecker is originally from Chile where she participated in the 
revolutionary process of 1970-1973. She has written extensively on the 
Cuba Revolution, and on the nature of socialist democracy. She now lives 
in Caracas and is a participant in the Venezuelan revolution.

Download at http://links.org.au/node/1374

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