[Marxism] India Faces Intifada Like Revolt in Kashmir

Rajesh Roy rajeshcherian at yahoo.co.in
Thu Aug 12 23:35:50 MDT 2010

This government has screwed up the Kashmir issue real badly.. they prefer apathy 
and inaction to doing anything constructive.. more than 50 Kashmiris were killed 
in security forces' firing against rallies and demonstrations.. of course, there 
is funding from across the border, the ISI etc.. who knows, maybe even the US 
government could be double-dealing, they supply arms both to Indian and 
Pakistan, sad thing is the dubmass rulers in both countries lack the self-esteem 
to stand up against years of US double-dealing..  the current rulers are too 
busy introducing financial sector reforms, labour reforms, selling off even 
profit-making public sector units, bringing in foreign educational providers, 
getting further enmeshed in the strategic embrace of the Americans, buying up 
American weaponry etc. etc. farmer suicides have continued unabated all these 
years in the so-called rising superpower.. the public distribution system has 
been demolished, there are foodgrains available in govt godowns, but the 
delivery system has been emasculated and folded up, yesterday the Supreme court 
ordered the govt to give away foodgrains free of cost to the poor rather than 
let them rot in the godowns.. 

here is a link to an article by P. Sainath on the foodgrains issue..

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