[Marxism] (Grim Voter Mood) Press Conference Statement from Socialist Action congressional candidate

CJ LaPointe cj.lapointe at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 13 06:29:11 MDT 2010

While we wait to find out if Hutch will be on the ballot come November we are building on the momentum gained from months of collecting signatures. 
When we get on the ballot it will be the first time in 28 years a socialist has had ballot status in Connecticut. Below is a recent statement from Hutch.

Statement by Chris Hutchinson from the August 11th Press Conference:
"A war is being waged against working people here in the United
States and abroad. This war is fought in our classrooms, at the U.S.
borders and in our workplaces.
During this great recession big business and its twin parties have
shoved Lay offs and budget cuts down our throats, militarized the
border with Mexico, expanded prisons beyond all historical precedent,
taken trillions from our communities to protect the banks, and fought
wars of occupation and devastation in Iraq and Afghanistan. But when it
comes to spending money on vital social programs the treasury closes
and every politician becomes a fiscal conservative obsessed with
eliminating the deficit."

Full Statement...

CJ LaPointe

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