[Marxism] self-indulgence

C. G. Estabrook galliher at illinois.edu
Fri Aug 13 15:52:13 MDT 2010

  The trendy disproofs of God (e.g. from Ditchkins, as Terry Eagleton would have 
it) are in fact warnings - of which Thomas Aquinas would have approved - against 
idolatry in his technical sense, viz. treating God as a thing in the universe 
rather than creator. They so often hinge on fallacies arising from the 
inadequacy of language. (It's about things, and God is not a thing; God and the 
universe do not add up to two [two what?]). So, (as a correspondent recently put 
it) an argument "God cannot exist" becomes "this kind of God-as-creature is not 
worthy, has no worth-ship", i.e., "you shall not worship other Gods."

On 8/13/10 2:05 PM, Midhurst14 at aol.com wrote:
>  The actor who played a Doctor Who -Tom ? had a similar experience to
>  you and now hates Catholicism Any way religion is based on a
>  lie-that there is a god George Anthony

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