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Fri Aug 13 19:08:51 MDT 2010

On Aug 13, 2010, at 7:37 PM, Joseph Catron wrote:

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> The Times ran an interesting online essay along these lines  
> Wednesday, which
> has caused me to partially rethink my own approach to Dawkins and  
> his ilk:
> "Religious believers often accuse argumentative atheists such as  
> Dawkins of
> being excessively rationalistic, demanding standards of logical and
> evidential rigor that aren’t appropriate in matters of faith. My  
> criticism
> is just the opposite. Dawkins does not meet the standards of  
> rationality
> that a topic as important as religion requires."

You evidently didn't read far enough, because my comment posted in  
that thread completely refutes the author's criticism of Dawkins:

"You are wrong to dispute Dawkins argument about complexity. The  
creator of a complex system, to create it, must initially have that  
complexity in its consciousness (otherwise there would be something in  
that complex system which was not the work of that creator, and  
therefore the system *as a whole* was not the work of that creator).  
So the complexity of creation must also be complexity within the  
creator. Therefore either: the creator having something existent about  
it that is over and above the complexity of the creation is to that  
extent more complex than the creation; or: there is nothing about the  
creator that is not present in the creation (pantheism) and therefore  
a separate creator is otiose."

Shane Mage

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