[Marxism] The struggle of food workers in Argentina

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Sat Aug 14 11:02:49 MDT 2010

Louis wrote: "Wow. The revolution is nigh."


That's not the point of the article Louis. If you were more
acquainted with the publications of RyR you would have noticed the constant
critique between it and these parties. In fact, one of the founding members of the group, Eduardo Sartelli used to be a militant
of the PO and quit it for reasons not unlike, but not the same as, yours. I suppose you, at some point, would want
to engage the socialists here who work in different parties so that a movement could be created, or wait, is
Marxmail just for daily entertainment? 

The point is rather simpler. The years of work that these parties
have put so that the organization of this struggle could occur the way it did
is now justified. Justified, in the sense that the debauchery of the trade-union
bureaucracy is cracking as it hasn’t cracked before, and so the patient work
that it took based on the analysis that this was going to happen ought to be given
credit. Is that so hard? Actually, don't you have an essay somewhere where you give credit
to the CPUSA for their work in the 30's and 40's? I guess this one doesn't count because these
ultra-leftist workers, in the oppressed nations, have dared confront the revolutionary bourgeoisie who will
develop the right conditions for revolution somewhere in the not so distant future, of planet Earth.

Should we apologize for the repression instead?

As for Nestor, I would reply if I had time…haha, kidding! 		 	   		  

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