[Marxism] self-indulgence

Shane Mage shmage at pipeline.com
Sat Aug 14 13:10:06 MDT 2010

> On Aug 14, 2010, at 1:14 PM, C. G. Estabrook wrote:
>> Rowan Williams - an Anglican bishop, poet, and theologian (and the  
>> current Archbishop of Canterbury) does not regard the story of  
>> crucifixion "as an edifying fable" (and surely not that it "must be  
>> recaptured from the mass of Pauline falsification").
>> John Shelby Spong  once accused Williams of being a "neo- 
>> medievalist," preaching orthodoxy to the people in the pew but  
>> knowing in private that it is not true ... Williams responded: "I  
>> am genuinely a lot more conservative than he would like me to be.  
>> Take the Resurrection. I think he has said that of course I know  
>> what all the reputable scholars think on the subject and therefore  
>> when I talk about the risen body I must mean something other than  
>> the empty tomb. But I don't. I don't know how to persuade him, but  
>> I really don't."
> Whatever Williams's innermost secret thoughts might be,  Pullman  
> certainly treats the Gospel narrative as an edifying fable and  
> Williams fully accepts that as the basis for his criticism when he  
> likewise treats questions of historical fact as irrelevant.  If the  
> narrative is not based on historical fact, what can it be if not  
> edifying fable?  That Williams is (by virtue of his job) compelled  
> to assert belief in "the Resurrection"
> is no surprise (do bears shit in the woods?).  But if he had any  
> remotely rational grounds for belief that the "Resurrection" story  
> is historically accurate he would have found it easy to persuade  
> Spong that he, rightly or wrongly, actually believed it.
>> On 8/13/10 10:40 AM, Shane Mage wrote:
>>> ...the story that Pullman and Williams treat as an edifying fable  
>>> rather than
>>> a historical event ... must be recaptured from the mass of Pauline
>>> falsification.
> Shane Mage
>  Porphyry in his Abstinance from Animal Flesh suggests that there
>  are appropriate offerings to all the Gods, and to the highest the
> only offering acceptable is silence.

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