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>   Like much of the Hebrew bible (and of the philosophic tradition of 
> the West) 
> it's a consideration of the implications of the Abrahamic doctrine 
> of creation - 
> a notion admittedly not found in the Greeks (or elsewhere) - with 
> (Greek) 
> philosophical tools.
> He quotes Wittgenstein, "Not how the world is, but that it is, is 
> the mystery." 
> The former is the province of science. "God" is the label we put on 
> the answer 
> (which he insists we do not know) to the question about the latter: 
> "Why is 
> there anything instead of nothing?"
> It's a category mistakes to suggest that one can appeal to creation 
> to explain 
> why the world is one way or another. Being created makes no 
> difference to the 
> universe; you can't find, as it were, God's fingerprints on the 
> world. 
> "Intelligent design" is therefore incompatible with the traditional 
> Judeo-Christian doctrine of creation.
> God is the unknown answer to the question that the universe by its 
> existence 
> poses. Of course, the Abrahamic religions say more - each claims 
> that that God 
> has in some sense spoken - at Sinai, in Jesus of Nazareth, and/or 
> the Qur'an.


Jim Farmelant

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