[Marxism] Cuban scholar Esteban Morales: i'm not a dissident

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Sun Aug 15 11:46:14 MDT 2010

The article on corruption may be read here:

The IPS interview, in Spanish:


I'm not a dissident, says scholar chastised for writing about corruption in
high places

Esteban Morales Domínguez, the Cuban intellectual who lost his Communist
Party card after writing an article on the dangers of corruption in high
circles, agreed this week to an interview with Inter Press Service to make
his position plain.

"I deem it healthy to clarify certain points," he told IPS. "Some people
have said I was a privileged person [but] they'll never find my privileges.
I don't have them.

"What speaks for me is mi curriculum. I am a real academician, not an
invented one. I have written dozens of works, not always about simple
subjects. In addition, I've taught a lot, I've given lectures and provided
academic advice. [...]

"Other people have sharpened their teeth, thinking that I'm going to change
sides, to cross over to 'the dissidents.' Perhaps the counter-revolution, so
lacking in leadership, thought that I could fill that void. But those who
know me best know that that's impossible, that I'm an unyielding

"Besides, I never promoted myself as a leader or sought to be a

Asked by IPS whether the punishment meted to him doesn't contradict
President Raúl Castro's statement to the National Assembly that unity "is
fostered [...] by the open discussion of all issues, sensitive though they
may be," Morales answered:

"I think that debate and criticism are promoted by Raúl and the party
leadership. But there may be circumstances where someone at some level
thinks that things are not that simple."

Alluding to the United States, Morales said that the argument "that the
enemy is going to take advantage of [my writings] doesn't immobilize me,
because the enemy is not going to solve our problems, quite the contrary.

"I'm among those who think that sometimes it's healthier for us ourselves to
acknowledge our deficiencies, rather than let the enemy hurl them at our
faces or keep a record of them, which is worse.
"What has happened does not paralyze me. I'll simply be a lot more careful
when expressing myself in writing, but I won't stop doing it, as an
intellectual trained by the Revolution to alert, in all honesty, about those
things that can harm us. [...] Those are the risks one has to take."

To read the entire interview, in Spanish, click here.

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–Renato Pérez Pizarro. 

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