[Marxism] Socialism and Religion

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Mon Aug 16 17:00:15 MDT 2010

(Note: I was away from home over the weekend & am just reading Friday's
posts now.)

Religion (or non-religion),  as far as I'm concerned, is a private

The necessity is to destroy capitalism, as it was unmasked in Marx's
Critique. And that Critique holds regardless of "world views" or
religious conviction. The question to ask, then, is not, "Are you a
Marxist?" but "Are you committed to the anti-capitalist struggle?"
Theoretical debate over the nature of capitalism is inescapable, for it
is necessary to know more deeply the enemy that will destroy us all if 
we do not destroy it. Theoretical debate over the nature of the universe
is interesting and perhaps ultimately importnant, but is not the core
question we face now.


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