[Marxism] Youtube copyright question

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Aug 18 08:19:37 MDT 2010

Erik Toren wrote:
> It will all depend on the owner of the copyright. Some artists or
> corporations have paid businesses to scour youtube to take down videos. Some
> don't. Your video could last a couple of hours or it could last there for a
> while. If it's there for a couple days it may last longer, but just hope for
> the best. It will all depend on the material involved.

I doubt that Bob Dylan would worry about 15 seconds of Desolation 
Row but I guess my real question is about the fingerprinting 
software that Youtube supposedly uses. If it "catches" the Dylan 
fingerprint, I am assuming that it will be automatically deleted. 
But if it gets past it, it would seem to be fairly permanent as my 
use of the Dvorak would indicate. This copyright stuff seems 
pretty murky, especially in light of the ocean of copyrighted 
material on Youtube. It would seem that they would be most 
interested in, for example, blocking new movies with Julia Roberts 
or albums by pop stars.

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