[Marxism] Can Technology Bring on a World Wide Social Revolution?

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>Don't know, but I'm skeptical. Humanity doesn't seem any smarter, more  
revolutionary, or better organized than it was before the Internet and the 
tech  changes of the past few decades. <
The rise of the Internet is one aspect of the new technology regime.  
The factory system of the industrial era have given way - been sublated, by 
 a qualitatively different new technology with qualitatively new products 
and  method of production. Old products have been recast - ergo the 
telephone, the  mimeograph printer, the record player and the computer upon which 
this is  written: Hewlett Packard TouchSmart 600 with double cheese, extra 
lettuce, heavy  tomatoes, etc., etc. 
The bookmarks as the factory system is General Motors 1970s Lord town Ohio  
plant as compared backwards with the Chrysler plant I was hired into in 
1972, as  this engine plant is compared with Chrysler new engine plants of 
1996, as  compared backwards with General Motors 1980 Pole town plant in 
Detroit, as  compared with the new plants in China post 2000. One is no longer 
speaking of  the simple application of computers controlled processes to old 
automation. That  phase of the technological advance is completed. Not 
everywhere at the same  pace, but inexorably. 
Social revolution is the result of qualitative changes in the means of  
production. These qualitative changes usher in a new division of labor or as it 
 is called, a new social organization of labor. The outcome of such change 
is an  affair of the beating heart and human mind in combat; in whose image 
is society  to be recast? Ergo the class struggle. Masters and slaves of 
property contend as  each are further polarized and ousted from the primary 
property form of the  dying epoch. 
The original sin is made manifest as private property. Social revolution  
ousts everyone from the continuous Eden describing a dead epoch. 
The state looms as the Godhead. The angels of death are the minion of the  
historical bureaucracy. Bureaucracy - for us, is property. The historical  
bureaucracy is loyal unto itself as the sixth day of creation gives way to 
the  seventh. The seventh day was the rest for the coming combat. 
A high tech, smart, slim and muscular police state is not paradise on  
earth. Yet, the rise of a new technology regime; its application to production  
and distribution is Marx precise and specific description of the general law 
of  social revolution. One cannot fight on the level of a general law by 
definition.  Evil is confronted on the quantitative level, at the large 
grocery store chains  demanding one bag their own groceries and in fact bring 
their own bags and scan  their commodity purchases. The evil is everywhere. 
Who but a mad man creates a seedless grape, in defiance to God almighty?  
Strange fruit - men and women hanging from trees, give way to bitter seedless 
 fruit that is most strange. A square watermelon for easy packaging? Who 
but  angels of death cast as the minion of capital conceives the impossible 
with each  technology advance? 
In whose image is the new technology regime to be cast?  Private  property 
or the thousands of years of communistic yearning? 
Means of production as the scientific advance create potential and new  
Evil is a material force that long ago cast it intellectual rationale. Evil 
 is combated and ignorance is overcome. 
The state shall be overthrown and destroyed fundamentally in the new Eden,  
after the state is stripped of all rights. A state without rights cannot 
confer  rights it does not possess on corporations. 
Swords shall be beat into plow shares and minion converted into servants.  
The small consumer shall inherit the earth. Neighborhoods will be 
reconstituted  based on the new technology and the evil of capital combated block by 
block. The  Internet creates the "neighborhood net" and this net is the will 
of the people.  Surveillance of the state is displaced by oversight of the 
The state have no rights the people are bound to respect. 
Unity or Perish! 
The front is outside ones door. 
Let us march on til victory is won/one. 
Darryl Mitchell aka
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