[Marxism] Lori Berenson going back to jail

Juan Fajardo fajardos at ix.netcom.com
Wed Aug 18 19:09:33 MDT 2010

As you'll recall, Lori Berenson was sentenced to 20 years in prison for 
aiding the MRTA guerrilla movement.   Last May she was given 
"conditional liberty" -esentially parole- after serving nearly 15 years 
of the sentence.

There was an immediate furor in Peru, exacerbated by an Inter-American 
Human Rights Court order to pay Berenson US$30,000 as remuneration for 
violations of her rights during her first, military, trial during the 
Fujimori regime.

The case has been shamelessly exploited by politicians of all stripes. 
The governing APRA party, for example, is using it to make hay against 
former president Alejandro Toledo during whose administration the court 
order was initially given, and by extension, to tar politicians who 
aligned with Toledo who might challenge APRA in next year's elections. 
The Fujimoristas, for their part, are using it to emphasize that while 
they were in charge there was none of this "softness" toward "terrorists".

Consequently, APRA initially considered expelling Berenson from the 
country, but that would have meant cancelling her parole and declaring 
her sentence complete, which would have given their opponents too good 

Instead, the Ministry of Justice appealed the parole, alleging that the 
minimum requirements had not been met for granting it.

At the time, the court considered that, given credit for good conduct in 
prison, she could be released after only 14 years and almost 6 months. 
The legal requirement, however, is having served 3/4 of the sentence. 
The prosecutor argued that credit was inappropriately given for good 

Normally, the court of appeals would have up to several months to issue 
a finding, but a regulatory project was recently rushed through Congress 
changing that timeline to a few days -in time for the govt's appeal of 
Berenson's release. Hmm....

Today, the court revoked Berenson's parole, and this afternoon, she 
turned herself in to the police, who transported her and her infant son 
to a holding cell awaiting transfer back to the women's prison in 
Chorrillos, where she it is expected she will be forced to serve the 
remaining 5 years of her sentence, after which she is likely to be 
deported and permanently banned from the country.

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