[Marxism] Fidel Castro fascinated by book on Bilderberg Club

David Thorstad binesi at gvtel.com
Fri Aug 20 09:09:17 MDT 2010

"The excerpt published by Castro suggested that the esoteric Frankfurt 
School of socialist academics worked with members of the Rockefeller 
family in the 1950s to pave the way for rock music to "control the 
masses" by diverting attention from civil rights and social injustice."
This strikes me as screwball nutcase bullshit. Either Fidel is in 
advanced senility, or he has too much time on his hands. It is quite 
understandable that the capitalist powers that be would have secret or 
semisecret clubs, and hardly put before the public all their plans for 
making profits and running things. So what? Next thing I suppose 
Bilderbergers will be secret members of the Illuminati?
     I don't wish to open a can of worms, but have been fending off 
missives for years from a friend who believes every conspiracy nut case 
scenario out there (e.g., Trotsky was an agent of the Rothschilds [taken 
from Nazi Web sites, from all I can tell]; the Illuminati created the 
French and Russian revolutions, though not the American one; all the 
9/11 conspiracy guessing; etc.).
     Finding a book on Bilderberg "fascinating" is one thing, but making 
it the agent of worldwide change, or the world's puppeteer, seems 
neither sensible nor a particularly useful window on reality.
     I presume this theory that the Frankfurt School conspired to 
undermine student rebellion by fostering a taste for rock would make 
someone like Frank Fried, who helped to bring the Beatles to the USA, 
part of the alleged Big Conspiracy to thwart rebellion. This is delirious.


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