[Marxism] Clicktivism is ruining leftist activism

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Fri Aug 20 11:03:39 MDT 2010

Thomas Bias wrote:
> A placard at a recent anti-Prop 8 demonstration (don't know what
> city) said, "Three words that will fix the economy: Gay Bridal
> Registry." Make of it what you will!
A marcher had a sense of humor. What's wrong with that?

And how is it relevant to on-line petitions?


Re "Clickism":

The power of petitions (as opposed, e.g.,  to personal letters) is that
each signature on one represents a conversation between and activist
(who is circulating it) and a potential activist (the signer). And if
the petition gains very many signatures, it comes to represent not only
a large number of such conversations but of some group going to some
pains to plan and implement the circulation. And people talking to each
other in such a context is the molecule out of which revolutions are
made. In fact, that is or should be the chief purpose of circulating the
petition in the first place. Similarly, incidentally, the threat
represented by big demos does not lie in the demo itself but in the fact
that every big demos represents thousands or tens of thousands of
conversation and forums and small demos around the nation by means of
which the people who make up the 'big' demo were gathered and activated.
The demo is in itself not much of an action, but as the bnner announcing
the widespread local action it is of great importance.


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