[Marxism] 1948 and Israel's deceptive bargaining position

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Thursday, Aug 19, 2010 09:01 ET
1948 and Israel's deceptive bargaining position Israel's demand that
Palestinians recognize it as a Jewish state sounds reasonable -- unless you
understand 1948

By Ben White --

The refrain from Israeli politicians and the country’s allies and apologists
is familiar: There can be no peace deal until the Palestinians "recognize"
Israel as "a Jewish state." While this can sound reasonable to the casual
listener in the West, this demand actually points to critical flaws in the
"peace process" and the way in which the international community approaches
the Palestine/Israel question.

This is because such a demand, and understanding why it is so
Palestinians, means going back to 1948 -- when hundreds of Palestinian
towns and villages were destroyed, their inhabitants forbidden from
returning by the new Jewish state -- and throwing the spotlight on two
groups of Palestinians that the so-called peace process has ignored or
marginalized: the refugees of '48 (and their descendants) and the
Palestinian minority that's left inside Israel. The unpleasant reality is
that Israel as "a Jewish state" means the permanent exile and dispossession
of the former, and the colonial control of the latter.

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