[Marxism] Israel and America's Mosque Hysteria

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> Israel and America's Mosque Hysteria

    M.J. Rosenberg is Senior Foreign Policy Fellow at Media Matters Action

> clip -
> One could ask what the Middle East has to do with the vicious outbreak of
> Islamophobia (actually Islamo-hatred) that has seemingly seized segments of
> this country.
> The answer is *everything.*  Although the hate is directed at
> Arab-Americans (which makes it worse) it is justified by invoking 9/11, an
> attack by Muslims from the Middle East.
> This hate is buttressed by the hatred of Muslims and Arabs that has been
> routinely uttered (or shouted from the rooftops) in the name of defending
> Israel for decades  Just watch what goes on in Congress, where liberals from
> New York, Florida, California and elsewhere never miss an opportunity<http://mediamattersaction.us1.list-manage1.com/track/click?u=0e7994932b5c293ad6e9e40d8&id=17db150041&e=d9f75934a0> to
> explain that no matter what Israel does, it is right, and no matter what
> Muslims do, they are wrong.
> Can anyone possibly argue that such insidious rhetoric has no impact on
> public opinion? At the very least, it gives anti-Arab and/or anti-Muslim
> bias a legitimacy that other forms of hate no longer have.  Bigots who hate
> African-Americans or Jews, for instance, feel that they must claim that they
> don't.  That is not the case with Muslims who can be despised with impunity.
> I'm not saying you should not blame Beck and Limbaugh for all this hate.
>  But don't forget to blame your favorite liberal and progressive
> politicians.  With a few (very few) exceptions, they are just as bad.
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> http://www.alternet.org/story/147888/israel_and_america%27s_mosque_hysteria?page=entire
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