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challenging corporate globalisation:
people’s power is changing the world

Solidarity Conference organised by the Latin America Forum

MELBOURNE October 8-9, 2010, Victoria Trades Hall
SYDNEY  October 16-17, 2010, NSW Teachers Federation

Featuring guest speakers from:
• BOLIVIA • Alina Canaviri Sullcani (Leader of the Indigenous and 
Rural Women Federation of Bolivia “Bartolina Sisa” & Morale´s MAS)

• EL SALVADOR • Dr. Guillermo Mata Bennett (FMLN representative to
the Lower House)

• VENEZUELA • Angel Navas (Electrical Workers Federation FETRAELEC)

• URUGUAY • Washington Belleti (Movement for Land and against Poverty)

Whether it is the global financial crisis, endless wars, runaway 
climate change or the millions of people starving in the Third 
World, the symptoms of an international capitalist system in deep 
crisis are all around us.

This crisis threatens the very existence of humanity, and peoples 
around the world are responding with resistance, rebellions and 

In Latin America, a tide of rebellion against imperialist control 
is transforming the political landscape -  in Latin America and 
internationally. From Cuba to Venezuela, Bolivia to El Salvador 
and Ecuador, people’s power is toppling neo-liberal governments, 
challenging corporate control, and starting to construct social, 
political and economic alternatives to the plunder, war and 
injustices of the old system.

Imperialism is scrambling to maintain control of Latin America - 
orchestrating coups, establishing new military bases and pouring 
billions of dollars into shoring up the corrupt old elite. But the 
people are wining.

The Venezuelan revolution, with its vision of “socialism of the 
21st century”, is building on the Cuban revolution in providing 
examples of what popular power can achieve for the oppressed. The 
Indigenous people of Bolivia, led by President Evo Morales, are 
challenging Western governments’ and corporations’ “business as 
usual” response to climate change with a radical plan of action to 
rescue “Mother Earth”. And the growing Latin American unity around 
economic and social programs based on national sovereignty and 
respect are creating an alternative axis of cooperation that is 
empowering the Third World.

The Latin America Solidarity Conferences in Melbourne and Sydney 
are forums for all people wanting to learn about, learn from and 
build solidarity in Australia with the people’s power movements in 
Latin America. Come along and join the discussions on:

     * Imperialism, war & resistance
     * Popular power and people’s governments
     * Workers’ struggles, workers’ rights & workers’ control
     * The battle for environmental justice & survival
     * Building solidarity in Australia & internationally

Proposed Conference Agenda

6:00-9.00pm Feature session
Workers’ struggles, workers’ rights &
workers’ control

9.30-10.450am Feature session
Imperialism, war & resistance

11.00-12.30pm Workshops

1.30-2.45am Feature session
Popular power and people’s governments
3.00-4.30pm Workshops

4.30-5.45pm Feature session
The battle for environmental justice
& survival
8pm onwards:
Latin American FIESTA!

For more info email:
Melbourne Latin America Forum: laf.victoria at gmail.com
Sydney LASF: lasfsydney at gmail.com
Organised by the Latin America Forum-Victoria & the Sydney Latin 
America Social Forum

Sponsored by: Australia-Venezuela Solidarity Network, Centre for 
Latin America Solidarity and Studies, Communist Party of 
Australia, Communist Party of Chile (Australia), Farabundo Marti 
National Liberation Front (Australia), Guatemala National 
Revolutionary Unity URNG-MAIZ (Australia), Guatemalan Human Rights 
Committee, Peace and Justice for Colombia, Revolutionary Socialist 
Party, Socialist Alliance, Ibiray-Fondo Raul Sendic.

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