[Marxism] Is Israel an apartheid state?

stansfield smith stansfieldsmith at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 24 11:09:05 MDT 2010

Fred and Luko write some interesting things. but John Edmundson makes more sense on this question of a Palestinian state. Are Fred and Luko actually trying to say the open air prison of Gaza is similar to Iran, Lebanon, North Vietnam, North Korea? Are we going to say Attica then fits into this term "independent state" ? 
  In my work in the movement against the Israeli occupation,  I have never heard anyone say Gaza is not an open air jail, but actually an independent state. (I have only heard some rather psycho  rabid Zionists call Gaza an independent state - before Israel turned Gaza into a shooting gallery two years ago, after which I've never heard even lunatic Zionists say Gaza is independent.) 
 Fred and Luko, what Palestinian organizations and organizations in solidarity with Palestine say Gaza is an independent state? What other nations have recognized Gaza as an independent state? 

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