[Marxism] IRA/Catholic Church in 1972

Ben Ben youcanemailbenhere at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Aug 24 19:50:07 MDT 2010

Do comrades have any comments on this story, that broke today?


It would seem that an unholy trinity of the British government / RUC, the Catholic church in Northern Ireland and the even IRA conspired to deal with the fall-out over the involvement of a Catholic priest with a IRA bombing action in 1972. All involved now, usefully, long since dead, and leaving a distinct lack of documents and images behind them… and the timing of this report’s publication seems like an attempt to get one back at Republicans and sympathisers after the very limited and grudging acknowledgments of the British government’s criminal actions in Bloody Sunday, made a couple of months ago (upon the publication of that report).

Even in respect of what’s now in the public domain, more to this story seems obvious; one wonders at what level the RUC’s “Research Unit” was aware of and/or sanctioned/facilitated the priest’s recruitment and action. One wonders at the opportunism of the Catholic hierarchy in accommodating the RUC’s cover-ups (or perhaps vulnerability to blackmail in relation to other crimes committed by the church, known to the RUC)… and what of those within the NI police force keen to investigate, apparently, only to then be stood down?

Despite the UK media’s extensive coverage, I haven’t come across anyone suggesting that the actions of the priest might be considered in relation to his South American counterparts, or Liberation Theology. Yet this seems the one connection between these three bodies that hasn’t been made by the commentariat: between the IRA and the Catholic church… suggesting that perhaps more is to be said?

I know that Fr Chesney’s actions have always been a matter for rumour and speculation; what other facets have historically been associated with this story?


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