[Marxism] Unexpected ideas [Re: Is Israel an apartheid state?]

johnedmundson at paradise.net.nz johnedmundson at paradise.net.nz
Tue Aug 24 20:02:45 MDT 2010

johnedmundson at paradise.net.nz escribió:
> Fred wrote:
>> Do we defend the independence of Gaza? It is a fact and it will not do to
>> simply dissolve this development into terms like "prison camp" because of
>> the imperialist-supported Israeli boycott, war, and its brutal consequences.
>> Should the Gazans demand reintegration into Israel on the basis of one-man,
>> one-vote? More importantly, should we call on them to do so?
> I find it odd that someone with such long experience in the Marxist movement
> would even ask such a question. That "we" should call on the Gazans to demand
> anything!!! Of course we shouldn't. Who are "we" to tell the Gazans we know
> better than them how to conduct their struggle? Oh, silly me. The US SWP had a
> successful revolution and so has the authority to call on people to do that 
> sort of thing . . .

On which Nestor comments:
I don´t think Fred is delivering any lesson to anyone.

This said, however, I feel that John´s comment betrays the idea that
succesful revolutionaries have some right to tell others what to do.
Socialism in a single country seems to be a diehard...

No, I was just being facetious. I think the Palestinians have every right to
make their own decisions for themselves and Western Marxists have more important
things to do in their own back yards than start coming up with demands that "we"
should then "call on" the people of Gaza to take up.

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