[Marxism] Web as alternative to peer review

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Thu Aug 26 06:27:12 MDT 2010

Peer review covers a wide variety of practices, but we should probably think
of this as more than a way of dealing with manuscripts submitted for
publication.  My own field of academe is certainly broad enough to permit a
wide range of published opinions.

However, what's publishable and published won't necessarily have any impact
on the assumptions among scholars.  The traditional old network of
institutional hierarchies establishes the agendas that define the
preoccupations of the discussions and debates a field...what's seriously
discussable and what's not of interest.

In this, as other things, the internet does provide a wide open alternate
mechanism to post things.  Still, I'm not entirely sure that it isn't
primarily a vehicle for venting...like shouting down a dry well...


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