[Marxism] Islamophobia in the service of bolstering waning support for bogus War on Terror

Dennis Brasky dmozart1756 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 26 08:36:12 MDT 2010

Is Mosque Hysteria Being Ginned Up to Bolster Support for the Disastrous
Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq?

The right-wing mobilization at the core of the Islamic center controversy is
about rebuilding political support for the 'global war on terror.'

Alternet/ Phyllis Bennis

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But there is a far greater danger in the right-wing mobilization at the core
of the Islamic center controversy. That is its goal of rebuilding the
political support structure for that global war on terror, just at the
precise moment when the failure, the illegitimacy, the casualties, and most
of all the costs of the GWOT are resulting in a profound and rapid decline
in support for the war. That’s why reclaiming the specific area around the
site of the old twin towers is at the heart of this struggle – the intention
is to reassert the “hallowed” nature of that spot of land. Not out of
respect for the victims of the 9/11 attacks (Muslim and otherwise).    But
because if the site of those attacks is “hallowed,” than the wars waged in
the name of 9/11 are not only good wars, they are hallowed, too.

That is the often-overlooked threat at the heart of this crusade against the
construction of the Islamic community center in New York; even beyond the
huge threat it poses to religious freedom, equality, civil rights and
pluralism. The danger is evident in the wide range of right-wing forces
using the campaign to mobilize renewed support for American exceptionalism
and the U.S. hegemony it has long embraced. It is evident in the effort to
re-validate the increasingly unpopular and delegitimized “global war on
terror.” It’s about reclaiming the catastrophic war in Afghanistan as not
just the “good” war but as a heroic, even sacred war.

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