[Marxism] Ho Chi Minh Must be rolling

Ron J rjacobs3625 at charter.net
Thu Aug 26 12:10:11 MDT 2010

Ho Chi Minh didn't have that much trouble with the US, if I recall.  It was the US that had trouble with him.
> http://wsws.org/articles/2010/aug2010/viet-a26.shtml
> US forges closer military ties with Vietnam
> By Peter Symonds
> 26 August 2010
> Washington has recently taken several steps to boost its military 
> relationship with Vietnam as part of a broader Obama 
> administration strategy aimed at undermining Chinese influence in 
> East and South East Asia.
> Last week, the two countries held their first-ever defence 
> dialogue in Hanoi. At a joint press conference on August 17, US 
> Deputy Assistant Defence Secretary Robert Scher declared that the 
> talks represented ?the next significant historic step in our 
> increasingly robust defence relationship?. Previous security 
> talks, which began in 2008, were conducted by the US State 
> Department and Vietnamese foreign ministry, rather than defence 
> officials.....

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