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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Aug 26 15:29:23 MDT 2010

Liu's review (http://www.atimes.com/atimes/Global_Economy/EB25Dj01.html) 
of a article in the New York Times by Thomas Friedman published on 17th 
February 2003 reveals that the most far-sighted Neo-Cons saw the 
potential damage of an Iraq adventure but saw no way out ...because of 
major problems facing a declining American imperialist power. This is 
the reality despite all the hype of increasing "military and financial 
power" of American Imperialism. Friedman's strategy for enticing EU 
Imperialism (particularly French and German Imperialism); other 
semi-Colonial Bourgeoisies; and Russian and Chinese Bureaucracies to 
support the March 2003 Iraq adventure was that if they allowed American 
Imperialism to go down defeated it would deepen world revolution. Look 
at how the American Dollar has rapidly declined six and a half years 
after Friedman and Liu wrote their articles that another global currency 
replacing the Dollar has been discussed at least in the last 12 months.

Friedman begins his article by trying to intimidate the world to 
capitulate to American Imperialism's dictates or face a Third World War. 
It was obvious bluff because his main strategy was try to convince all 
the other Imperialist powers; most semi-Colonial Bourgeoisies; and 
Russian and Chinese Stalinists to go along with it to avoid world 

The gamble Friedman was worried about was that an adventure in Iraq 
could strengthen anti-Imperialist rebellions within semi-Colonial 
countries which prior to 2003 Iraq War was breaking out as Liu points 
out against the effects of Imperialist globalisation such as millions 
facing disease epidemics and lack of cheap/free medicines to fight them. 
Two other features fuelling anti-Imperialist radicalisations within the 
semi-Colonies Liu identifies is that they see through the double 
standards of American Imperialism of once supporting the Taliban 
predecessors against the Soviet workers' state and Saddam Hussein's 
regime against Iran, who had a more autumous regime from Imperialism. 
The semi-Colonial masses reacted in horror as millions have starved and 
died through economic blockades and wars when American Imperialism 
turned on the Taliban and Iraq. This is what Friedman and Liu mean by 
American Imperialism "losing the moral war"! One factor missing in 
Freidman and Liu is the massive anti-Iraq War protests in the 
Imperialist countries in February and March 2003. This deepened the 
global radicalisation against Imperialism/Capitalism.

Freidman was worried that an Iraqi adventure could deepen Capitalism's 
economic crisis, and play into the Chinese workers' states hands with 
this workers' state being enormously strengthened to the detriment of 
global Capitalism. This is what has happened now with the Chinese 
Bureaucracy intervening everywhere globally. The Chinese Bureaucracy is 
Africa's 2nd biggest trading partner and South Africa biggest trading 
partner according to an article I read in the Canadian paper:-Globe and 
Mail today.

As a Trotskyist I disagree with the Chinese Bureaucracy's opportunist 
policy of propping up Africa's Semi-Colonial Bourgeoisies. Within this 
framework Trotskyists should defend the social infrastructural projects 
such as in health and education but demand it goes further in mobilising 
the masses to carry out our programme of Permanent Revolution. 
Imperialism has done very little in developing these services such as 
health and education and not even infrastructure such as modern 
railways. All Imperialism wants is cheap raw materials and limited 
infrastructure to provide access and export of them. This is why 
Trotskyists defend unconditionally the Chinese workers' state aiding 
semi-Colonies against Imperialism. Despite the opportunism of Chinese 
Stalinism the very example of this workers' state aiding the productive 
forces such as railways in South Africa will show what Socialist 
revolutions can accomplish. This will deepen the world revolution and 
ultimately lead to the forces being strengthened which will overthrow 
the Chinese Bureaucracy through Political Revolution.

Liu is a liberal when he says Capitalism can create equality and 
non-exploitative economies. As a Marxist in contrast to Liu I believe 
the struggle between classes and competing modes of productions can 
never be reconciled. It will take the victory of world Socialism to end 

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