[Marxism] Stewart Alexander proposed as united third party spokesman

Manuel Barrera mtomas3 at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 27 09:11:57 MDT 2010


 I couldn't agree more with Mark on these points below. I realize it may be "pushing the envelope" and also premature, but another potential for principled anti-capitalist support to an independent socialist alternative (working class in principle if not necessarily in all its character or nature--the SP is, after all, the SP) would be to propose to all those friends and allies out there running socialist, labor, and/or other independent/oppressed nationalities campaigns to unite behind a single national campaign that can counter the twin parties of war and plunder and their Tea Party minions. In any case, such an effort, regardless how far it goes, is definitely worth our time and completely congruent with all the perspectives I've read on this list so far.

What say y'all?

 > Labels shouldn't be the focus and "getting out socialist ideas" can be done
> in any number of ways. The grounds for electoral strategy should be unity
> around those issues on which the mass of people already disagree with the
> two-party consensus (war, environmental issues, health care, etc.) These
> are what the present political consciousness of the voters make the issue
> and on which we we should campaign. This is the most effective way to
> challenge the two-party habit...and it provides the best possible milieu in
> which socialists could work.

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