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Internet as Social Movement
A brief history of webism

Alexander Blok was enchanted by the Bolshevik Revolution. The 
leading poet of the pre-revolutionary symbolist school, Blok and 
his pale handsome face had been freighted in the years before 1917 
with all the hopes and dreams of the Russian intelligentsia. In 
early 1918, when that intelligentsia was still making fun of the 
crudeness, the foolishness, the presumption of the Bolsheviks—the 
way contemporary intellectuals once made fun of Wikipedia—Blok 
published an essay urging them to cut it out. “Listen to the 
Revolution,” he counseled, “with your bodies, your hearts, your 

Three years later, Blok was dead, and Vladimir Mayakovsky, the 
tribune of the Revolution, wrote his obituary. “Blok approached 
our great Revolution honestly and with awe,” Mayakovsky wrote. But 
it was too much for him: “I remember, in the first days of the 
Revolution, I passed a thin, hunched-over figure in uniform 
warming itself by a fire near the Winter Palace. The figure called 
out to me. It was Blok. We walked together. . . . I said, ‘How do 
you like it?’ ‘It’s good,’ said Blok, and then added: ‘They burned 
down my library.’”

full: http://nplusonemag.com/internet-as-social-movement

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