[Marxism] The Internet as social movement

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 30 22:42:08 MDT 2010

This was a very interesting article, full of valuable information (of
course).  However the ending was somewhat limp. Least ways for me it was.
To be frank I am not at all sure if I buy this technology as revolution
"thang", but that is probably a reflection of my age. Though I have to say
that the power of Waistline's prose has me almost convinced.

What interests me at present are the possibilities for the web for the
education of the disadvantaged - specifically Indigenous Australians.
However the powers that be are truly paranoid about the web and  pornography
and so the use of the web in schools is like the first trains that had
someone walking in front of them in case they went too fast.

Yet I remain convinced that if the restrictions can be eased then the
contemporary class room could be really revolutionised.  I am also inclined
to think that schools should take a look at the Lady Gaga phenomenon and
work out how to use the web etc to build themselves a fan base among their



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