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The Internet as social movement 
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Maybe "The Internet as expression of the new social movement" would broaden 
 things.  This way one cannot read into the discourse a concept on a new  
technology magically creating political revolution. 
The Internet is here to stay, which is a blessing of the best kind. I am a  
gambling man, perhaps to much. All my life has been a gamble to foil the 
efforts  of capital and the bourgeois state to reduce me to poverty and jail 
me for one  thing or another - like taking the "tag" off ones mattress or 
leaving my  identity documents at home during a trip to the neighborhood store. 
Yet, I would bet on paper as a long term strategy, although I absolutely  
love the wide spread touch screen technology and ability to access 
information  modern computing makes possible. In my opinion, what goes the way of the  
dinosaur is large scale book publishing, old style music distribution - as 
we  have known it and file sharing is here to stay. 
The social revolution as a qualitatively new technology regime is a real  
Remember when the criminal attorney's for the bourgeois order outlawed the  
production of cassette car players from having a record button in America? 
This  was back in the mid 1970's and many of us went to Canada to purchase a 
car  cassette player with the "red record button." 
The criminal attorney's of the record distribution business claimed that  
the ability to record music from radio in your car, would destroy the record  
industry, rather than impact the distribution chain. One could record the 
same  music from the same radio station at home, but not in your car. In 
other words,  you had to record the music on a cassette at home and carry the 
cassette to your  car. Most of us - of the upper strata of upper strata of the 
working class,  purchased the music and recorded it because the cassette 
tapes from the music  companies was inferior to what we could produce on our 
own. This was the case  because the record companies felt they would make 
more money buy producing an  inferior cassette products, which would slow down 
reproduction due to poor sound  quality. 
This meant everyone wanted my tapes of popular music with a crisp clean  
sound. These mutherfuckers are stupid and think they can halt a technological  
advance. Yes, all the girls in my generation wanted the Al Green collection 
and  would pay six dollars for a 90 minute tape in a market where the 
average tape  cost $4. (Yea, I would guarantee your tape for life, provided you 
brought it  back to me. Otherwise you were just getting another tape for your 
girl friend.  No, when most claimed they could not find the tape I did not 
argue but charged  the cost of the cassette, about $160 for chrome). 
I hate the bourgeois order because money brings forth all these criminal  
buffoons of the bourgeoisie who are always wrong on every issue. 
I remember when boxes of paper sales were limited to "office supply stores" 
 catering to small and large business. In the next ten years most 
neighborhood  retail outlet will carry paper. The practical problem of downloading 
Internet  transmitted books upon paper is cost of ink, rather than paper. 
Kodak has a new  $100 printer with ink system under $10. This is still to 
expensive to destroy  the large book printing firms. 
The revolution - pardon, the social revolution is preceding "full steam  
(Full steam ahead?  Yea. Full steam means continuous burn, rather than  
puffs of steam in intervals. Here's a saying from the last social revolution  
ushered in and book marked by the steam engine. Then, the auto industry still 
 uses "horse power" as a measure. "Horse power" went the way of all flesh 
back in  the 1930's, or rather the peak use of horses as primary energy 
source in  agriculture reached its nodal point in 1920's America.) 
Technology does not create revolution. Technology or qualitative changes in 
 the means of production excites the process of social revolution to life. 
Social  revolution is transition from one mode of production to another. 
Political  revolution and most certainly insurrectionary movements are purely 
affairs of  the mind, heart and flesh. The flesh steps forward; the minds say 
"no more" and  the heart says "I can do this." 
Political revolution as an aspect of social revolution may begin in the  
mind of morality of combatants, but social revolution begins as qualitative  
change in the means of production. If pushed into a corner, I would contend 
that  political revolution begins in the heart as a love story. Of mother and 
all  "Eve" implies. Then again, brother always said I was a "momma boy" and 
I was.  She taught me to dance and feel. Without her lessons I could not 
feel Marx at  all. 
The kids - all of whom are 30 and up, shake their head at my "love" of  
paper and say "dad just does not get it." 
I shake my head and smile: wait until they pass 50 and get tired of looking 
 into the light of a screen. 

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