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Rajesh Roy rajeshcherian at yahoo.co.in
Tue Aug 31 12:24:37 MDT 2010

The Left in India argued in parliament for setting a much higher liablility 
cap.. however, the ruling Congress party and main opposition BJP compromised on 
the this present value of the cap.. can comrades comment on the caps in western 
countries for liability in case of a nuclear accident..

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  Marv posted on thorium cycle yesterday morning, which was discussed 
here some time ago (and i discovered this morning it was actually back 
in 2005!).

in any case, the Indian government has just approved a law allowing 
foreign investment in new nuclear power generation (already a $150B 
business). and with that law comes a cap on coverage of any one accident 
at 320 million dollars.

any comments from comrades in India?


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