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The original Indian liability for a nuclear accident was approx. $110
million. The left got this raised to $330. I won't comment here on whether
this is too low or not (the higher number proposed, I believe, was $500)
other than to say there simply are no standards to go by in terms of
determining liability. Generally the left should oppose such limits. But it
is more complex than that, obviously. The nuclear inudstry site, "World
Nuclear News" has information here:


It is from their point of view and mostly devoid of the politics of the
debate but it has a lot of facts on it.


Energyfromthorium.com in the worlds preeminent site for all things Thorium
(Th). It focus is on the Molten Salt Reactor which, in it's Th form, is
called the "Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor" (LFTR). There are documents on
all aspects of the Th fuel cycle, it's accident resistence, it's
proliferation resiistance and it's economic benefits above and over that
of Uranium. The site contains all of the original Oak Ridge National
Labortory experiments on the MSR. The LFTR was killed off in the 1970s by
the "Uranium-Industrial Complex" who didn't want money going into anything
that would undermine their investiment, both civilian and military, of
uranium. This included the military who didn't want to steer nuclear energy
away toward an engineering base that would be useless for them from a WMD

India has some of the worlds largest Th reserves and the have the most
advanced R&D program. But their focus is on solid-metal fueled reactors not
liquid fueled ones. Nuclear Green Revoltution (
http://nucleargreen.blogspot.com/) has coverded their 3 phase development of
uraninium, thorium and fast reactors and has extensive details on it if you
want to dig into it more. One of the controversies over the Indian
programs and it's relationship with the US 1-2-3 agreement is that it moves
India *away* from energy soverigthry and toward an intergrated approach that
at the end of the day is controlled by the United States. A robust Thorium
progrram would move India away from that direction toward their own
indigenious resources. Relying on the United States and US influenced
uranium producers for you fuel, as Iran has shown, can lead toward a US
domination over one's energy supplies. Not a good thing. Thus India's
national bourgeoisie interest in develpoing their resource.

People can write me off list if they want to know more about LFTR or go to


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