[Marxism] Fidel Castro: "I am the one responsible for the persecution of homosexuals that took place in Cuba"

David Thorstad binesi at gvtel.com
Tue Aug 31 16:59:28 MDT 2010

  This interview with Mexico's /La Jornada/ is interesting for the 
admission by a leader of the Cuban Revolution of his responsibility for 
persecution of homosexuals in the 1960s--a first, perhaps--though it 
skirts the fact that persecution continued (homosexuals who left Cuba in 
the Mariel flotilla in 1980, for example, were branded 
"counterrevolutionaries"), and while Fidel's self-criticism seems 
genuine, his pointing to the difficulties the young revolution faced, 
including CIA attempts to assassinate him, spread dengue fever, and so 
on, hardly justify the antigay bigotry of the governing party's policies 
five decades ago.
     So far as I know, this interview appears so far only in Spanish.


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