[Marxism] [Pen-l] An analysis of the G20 protest and the black bloc

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Jul 1 09:55:14 MDT 2010

Joseph Catron wrote:
> Oh, wrong Quebec protest. I was thinking of the big one, in 2001. Calling
> the SPP protest "Quebec" is about as confusing as calling some random
> protest in Seattle "Seattle."

Oh, that one. It's been a while. I remember the big hullabaloo we 
had on the list with a character named Macdonald Stainsby who made 
the fight over breaking through some fucking fence tantamount to 
the Paris Commune.

The cops used that ridiculous fight as an excuse to tear gas 
people with zero interest in anarchist dust-ups.


Protestors who headed towards the yellow and red zones confronted 
the fence. Approximately 15 minutes after the bulk of the march 
reached the fence on Rue René Lévesque, the fence was brought down 
by protestors, which the security personnel deemed a clear 
security threat and danger not only to the conference delegates in 
the area, but also to the police. A number of people moved into 
the once fenced-off area, and a catapult that launched teddy bears 
was rolled in. Eventually, the police line fell back and was 
replaced by a second line of officers, all wearing gas masks. The 
protestors were then repulsed by the police.

Police responded to the protesters in the "green zone" by firing 
tear gas canisters, water cannon, and rubber bullets, dispersing 
large groupings of protesters both violent and peaceful, including 
teach-ins and teams of medics providing first aid to other 
protesters. Other tactical interventions aimed at arresting 
various perceived movement leaders and the expulsion of the 
independent media centre and protest clinic from their locations. 
So much tear gas was used that delegates were incommoded inside 
their meeting halls. The security wall was breached on several 
occasions, though protester incursion across the perimeter was 

Protests continued into the night. In addition to continued 
peaceful protests and acts of civil disobedience, some protesters 
vandalized storefronts and advertisements and built bonfires. 
Police continued to respond with tear gas, in several cases firing 
at areas beneath the mountain where no protests were taking place, 
as well as with direct assaults on protester positions.

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