[Marxism] Holding the black bloc up to scrutiny

Tom Cod tomcod3 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 2 15:40:08 MDT 2010

I would have to respectfully disagree with moderator's commentary from the
standpoint of someone who was actually there in Chicago in 1968 as a fifteen
year old activist.  The attitude of the SWP was a little shocking when they
walked away from and belittled this historic demonstration as "ultraleft"
and "reformist".  To our credit, a group of us young YSAers, most
prominently Carl F., spontaneously refused "orders" from national flunkey
Syd S to walk away from this and were out there in front of the Conrad
Hilton when the shit went down; we were flabbergasted by this conservatized
and suspicious attitude of "The Party".  Later it turned out that a leader
of the Chicago branch, a 50s redneck named Ed Heisler, was actually a paid
FBI operative.  When a cop who was escorting a contingent of us under duress
out of the area that historic night said, "to think that I and my buddies
fought in Korea for scum like you", I responded, "Yeah, to think our fathers
fought in Germany in WW2 AGAINST pigs like you" to which he responded, "boy,
you're gonna get it, I mean it" but I escaped his clutches.  Now Syd is a
corporate stooge.  Fuck him!

So here we have it, the SWP to the right of Walter Cronkite and Gore Vidal
who, along with a Presidential commission called this out as a "police
riot".   temper tantrum, what is the meaning of that, surely not to belittle
those dirty protesters and peaceniks and their leaders like Phil Ochs, Dick
Gregory and Peter, Paul and Mary?  C'mon!  No, this protest WAS a mass
action that was viciously attacked by police.  Thank God that in Selma in
1965, SCLC didn't walk away from the Edmund Pettus bridge to "avoid
violence".  Yeah I know King was a "reformist" who supported left liberal
democrats and was trying to throw a "tantrum" along with those other
ultralefts, reformist and Stalinists.

> Actually, the demonstrations at the 1968 convention was both an attempt
> to confront and join the Democratic Party. It was a kind of temper
> tantrum by young activists who preferred a peace candidate to Humphrey.

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