[Marxism] Holding the black bloc up to scrutiny

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Jul 2 15:43:12 MDT 2010

Tom Cod wrote:
> I would have to respectfully disagree with moderator's commentary from the
> standpoint of someone who was actually there in Chicago in 1968 as a fifteen
> year old activist.  The attitude of the SWP was a little shocking when they
> walked away from and belittled this historic demonstration as "ultraleft"
> and "reformist".  To our credit, a group of us young YSAers, most
> prominently Carl F., spontaneously refused "orders" from national flunkey
> Syd S to walk away from this and were out there in front of the Conrad
> Hilton when the shit went down; we were flabbergasted by this conservatized
> and suspicious attitude of "The Party".  Later it turned out that a leader
> of the Chicago branch, a 50s redneck named Ed Heisler, was actually a paid
> FBI operative.  When a cop who was escorting a contingent of us under duress
> out of the area that historic night said, "to think that I and my buddies
> fought in Korea for scum like you", I responded, "Yeah, to think our fathers
> fought in Germany in WW2 AGAINST pigs like you" to which he responded, "boy,
> you're gonna get it, I mean it" but I escaped his clutches.  Now Syd is a
> corporate stooge.  Fuck him!

This is what I would call a rant and better suited for the SWP mailing list.

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