[Marxism] Holding the black bloc up to scrutiny

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Fri Jul 2 16:17:38 MDT 2010

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LP:Actually, the demonstrations at the 1968 convention was both an attempt 
to confront and join the Democratic Party. It was a kind of temper  tantrum 
by young activists who preferred a peace candidate to Humphrey.
That's just baloney.  The organizing for the demonstrations began before the 
McCarthy campaign had won its primaries, and certainly before the Kennedy 
victory in California.  Most of the organizing work was done by SDS and 
related groups, the Peace and Freedom Party, and the Yippees, and the theme 
was "Confront the War Machine" in Chicago.  That McCarthy supporters joined 
the demonstrations when it became clear that they were going to be locked 
out of the convention was exactly what you expect to happen.  Too bad we 
weren't organized enough to win more of them away from the McGovern trap, 
not to mention get them away from the Conrad Hilton.  Characterizing the 
demonstrations as a "temper tantrum by young activists" sounds like the 
bitter remarks of an ossified sectarian.

However the ruling class ruled the "single issue" protests organized by the 
various Mobes, the fact is that the Mobes were studious in avoiding any 
class  analysis that identified the systemic origins for the war and 
connected the war to the functioning of capitalism.  Moreover,  if I 
remember correctly, didn't  "official" anti-war organization have the 
ignominy of providing the likes of John Lindsay a platform to recuperated 
the anti-war movement while/after he was sending/had sent the cops in to 
break the Columbia strike, and insure that Columbia's private property would 
rule over Harlem?

To dismiss the  demonstrations in Chicago against the war machine  while 
providing scum like Lindsay a platform to speak takes the cake.

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