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Well, I have one post left, so I ask for indulgence for a last comment. I 
just want to point out that the conflation of Chicago 68 with Toronto 2010 
indicates how the objection really isn't  to "black bloc" but ANY 
demonstration of militancy.

Clearly, no "innocents" were jeopardized by the demonstrators in Chicago 
'68.  Clearly there was no self-contained anti-mass sect conspiring to 
provoke the police.  Clearly everybody knew what the police were going to 
do-- and BTW that puts the lie to the Davis/Dellinger hokum that they could 
have called off the demonstrations.  The police would not have allowed it. 
The police attacks started before the Convention itself even opened, and 
once initiated the attack were absolutely intended to continue through the 
end of the convention.

But it doesn't matter-- all and any distinctions do not matter, which makes 
it clear to me at least that the objection to the "black bloc" is based on 
the same reflexive shying away from militancy and confrontation that was 
used to dismiss  Chicago '68.

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