[Marxism] Business as Usual for Israel and Turkey

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> NY Times July 2, 2010
> Despite Raid, Mostly Business as Usual for Israel and Turkey
> TEL AVIV — Since the deadly Israeli raid on the Gaza flotilla, Turkey
> has recalled its ambassador from Jerusalem and banned Israeli military
> planes from the country’s airspace, while its prime minister has called
> the Jewish state “a lying machine.” Israel, for its part, has warned its
> citizens not to travel to Turkey.
> But in most other respects, it is still business as usual between the
> longtime allies.
One of the things that the witnesses said is that the Israeli
commandos picked out people from the flotilla to assassinate.  I think
a list was mentioned.  Did the Israeli's provide the list or someone
inside the flotilla.  Was the Turkish government in collusion with
Israel?  After all, they made a big show of grief and outrage, but did

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