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wouldn't you throw a "hissy fit" if your face was sprayed with mace or you
and others around you were being smashed in the face with night sticks by
the cops.  No, as a presidential commission determined, it was a police
riot; the protesters weren't throwing a hissy fit anymore than protesters
hit with fire hoses in Birmingham had been a few years earlier.  As someone
who was actually there in the crowd at the Conrad Hilton, I don't recall any
hissy fits or spoiled brats, I recall cops going hog wild beating people up,
macing them without provocation, beating up journalists and destroying their
cameras while the crowd was chanting, with one guy waving a huge Czech flag
(the Soviets had just invaded), "The Whole World is Watching!"  Ask your
friend Carl Finamore, he was there with us.  Moreover, anyone who was
watching this on TV could tell that's what was going on, even if they didn't
have Walter Cronkite and others telling them that, but then again some
people may have been hunkered down in a rat hole of an Old Left headquarters
somewhere steeped in Archie Bunker like bitterness and resentment about all
this.  No, the onus belongs squarely on the cops, pure and simple, not on
"ultralefts" and "reformists" who did nothing wrong.

The root of all this was Daley's refusal to let people exercise their
constitutional rights to march on the convention which was blocked by cops
and National Guard.  The cops initiated this event by deciding they were
going to physically remove and disperse the crowd in front of the hotel,
which they proceeded to do.  The next night their was a peaceful candle lit
march through downtown which I don't remember the pretentious sectarian left
having much to do with either, although I do recall one leading SWPer,. Dick
Roberts, sharing the attitude of the protesters about this event which I'm
sure he considered himself one; I remember running into him earlier in the
afternoon before the shit went down when Ralph Abernathy's mule train from
Resurrection City in DC showed up by the Conrad Hilton, and remember noting
his enthusiastic attitude towards that and the protest generally.


On Fri, Jul 2, 2010 at 11:15 PM, Mark Lause <markalause at gmail.com> wrote:

> The crowd at the Conrad Hilton was not a coherent force.  Some, I'm
> sure, were spoiled brats throwing a hissy fit.  Others were seriously
> interested in denting the war machine.
> Regardless of motives, as a group they did ding the old apparatus a
> wee bit.  Enough to effect its resale value, anyway.
> ML

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