[Marxism] Moderator's note (or, Force and the State)

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<< the objection to the "black bloc" is based on
the same reflexive shying away from militancy and confrontation that was
used to dismiss  Chicago '68.>>

Same thing here (LA) in 2007 when the cops rioted and we got blamed not only 
by them and the
media but also by some supposed to be (NGO's and liberals).  Until, that is, 
the cops had to pay
a $13,000,000 settlement. 

<<The police attacks started before the Convention itself even
opened, and once initiated the attack were absolutely intended to continue 
through the
end of the convention..."

Its uncanny, the comrade's description:   Exactly the same as here.  The 
police meant to
present a political position in opposition to, what in their minds are, 
'illegal aliens'.  Read:
humans demonstrating for their human right to take their labor-power to 
where it might
command an above-starvation wage.  It was obvious, even as we were lining up 
to march,
that they were looking for blood.  See our film:  "We Never Left, We're 
Still Here"

The small efforts that my comrades made in defending ourselves and the 
petitioners was, of course,
vastly overwhelmed by the guns, mace and batons of the cops.  But a show of 
resistance is necessary
at every stage where the state exercises violence.  Pre-war Germany and 
pre-integration South are
but 2 examples of "as long as you let them beat you, they will,"

We must not cede the use of force to the state.  I thought that the 
dismissal of Plekhanovism was old-hat.


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> Well, I have one post left, so I ask for indulgence for a last comment. I 
> just want to point out that the conflation of Chicago 68 with Toronto 2010 
> indicates how the objection really isn't  to "black bloc" but ANY 
> demonstration of militancy.

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