[Marxism] Dramatic recent developments in the "Katyn Massacre" issue

Grover Furr-FM furrg_nj at fastmail.fm
Sat Jul 3 12:23:47 MDT 2010

During the past few months there have been a number of important 
developments concerning the "Katyn Massacre" controversy.

All of this is completely hushed up outside of Russia, where few people 
know there IS a big controversy about the "canonical" view that the 
Soviets shot 20,000+ Polish prisoners.

Here's a page with the summary of these developments. After that summary 
there's a more general discussion of the state of the issue before these 
most recent developments, as I see it.


I don't know of another summary of this situation in any language, and 
certainly not in English.

So, if you want to know about the Katyn mess, which has become 
politicized beyond belief, this is your only chance!

I originally wrote this page to explain why I am NOT, ever, going to 
write anything about the Katyn Massacre mess.

Criticism always welcome.


Grover Furr
Montclair SU

P.S. In Russian there's the "Truth About Katyn -- Independent Research" 
site, which is biased towards those who think the "canonical", or 
"the-Soviets-Did-It" version, is false, but which does report all 
developments, including those that do not fit their biases. But it 
doesn't give you any real "overview". It is at http://www.katyn.ru

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