[Marxism] Drop the 1968 nostalgia trip already

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Jul 3 14:12:42 MDT 2010

Tom Cod wrote:
> Jerry Rubin was a narcissistic asshole, way worse than even Abbie Hoffman.
>  I remember him from the SMC steering committee meeting in NY in June of 68,
> the first political meeting (v. demo) I attended where the Syd
> Stapleton/Kipp Dawson imbroglio played out.  Rubin's contribution: to set
> off a set of firecrackers towards the end of the meeting (before Workers
> World came in with red flags and Cultural Revolution regalia from their
> protests against the movie "Green Berets" down the street.

2 things. I said to let the Chicago '68 discussion drop, especially when 
it turns into a trip down memory lane. I also need to remind Tom to 
clip, since he sent Mark's message along in its entirety.

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