[Marxism] Cuban Communist Party expels intellectual for exposing corruption

David Thorstad binesi at gvtel.com
Sun Jul 4 11:07:07 MDT 2010

Thanks to Louis for posting this piece. Am I the only one to find 
Morales's opening paragraphs (below) amazing--not only because they were 
published in an official Cuban site (before he was expelled from the CP, 
of course), but more so for their assertion that top officials of the 
regime are preparing for the day when, like apparatchiks in the USSR and 
Eastern Europe, they can cash in when the Cuban Revolution collapses? 
Morales also criticizes the leaders for harassing the Ladies in White, 
who pose nowhere near the threat to the regime that some leaders 
themselves do, he argues.
     A few weeks ago, I criticized the Freedom Socialist Party for 
issuing a statement defending the regime's harassment of the Ladies in 
White (the harassment stopped after the head of the Roman Church in Cuba 
persuaded the government to call off the allegedly "spontaneous" 
counterprotesters that harassed the ladies on their walk from church to 
a park)--all of which suggests that the regime was merely using the 
ladies as an excuse to crack down on freedom of expression. Couple that 
with Morales's accusation that some leaders are feathering their nest in 
preparation for the revolution's demise and you have a story that I 
would have thought more leftists would find worth noting.

===================== **
B**y Esteban Morales**

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*/From the UNEAC website/*

When we closely observe Cuba's internal situation today, we can have no 
doubt that the counter-revolution, little by little, is taking positions 
at certain levels of the State and Government.

Without a doubt, it is becoming evident that there are people in 
positions of government and state who are girding themselves financially 
for when the Revolution falls, and others may have everything almost 
ready to transfer state-owned assets to private hands, as happened in 
the old USSR.

Fidel said that we ourselves could put an end to the Revolution and I 
tend to think that, among other concerns, the Commander in Chief was 
referring to the questions relative to corruption. Because this 
phenomenon, already present, has continued to appear in force. If not, 
see what has happened with the distribution of lands in usufruct in some 
municipalities around the country: fraud, illegalities, favoritism, 
bureaucratic slowness, etc.

In reality, corruption is a lot more dangerous than the so-called 
domestic dissidence. The latter is still isolated; it lacks an 
alternative program, has no real leaders, no masses. But corruption 
turns out to be the true counter-revolution, which can do the most 
damage because it is within the government and the state apparatus, 
which really manage the country's resources.

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